Case of the Mondays – cramping foot and a limping lawyer

Last Monday, i had a really bad cramping on my left foot. No matter what I do, it would not go away. So all day, I dragged my left foot around in heels. what a glorious second week back at work!

I was mad because after spending hours and hours on cancer patient/survivor forums, and asking doctors and nurses a million questions, I had no idea that chemo would lower my magnesium counts, and that in turn would give me foot cramps in the middle of a work day.

The unfortunate foot cramp on Monday morning is not the only grievance I have to deal with as a cancer survivor returning to work after almost two years of treatments.

the truth is, people often think that once the treatments are over I (or any cancer patient/survivor) get to simply ‘pick it back up.’ And all of a sudden, no one seems to remember that three weeks ago, I was sitting in the infusion room. No one seems to remember that until a few days ago, i had to take neutrophenic cautions because I was dealing with the side effects of chemo. And no one seems to care that I still may have cancer and that I’m not yet in remission.

I never enjoyed talking about the agonies of having cancer but now that I’m back at work, it’s much more difficult to talk to anyone about the daily nuisance of being a cancer patient/survivor, presumably because after the “hooray! end of chem” party when the cancer patient is back to work, people are satisfied with the sense of closure on their part.

Anyway this is roughly why I am embarking on this blogging adventure. Yes, to openly tell the world, and more important, other cancer survivors who are struggling with getting back into the grind, that I had a bad day at work because my foot was cramping, or that I hate using the bathroom at work because chemo/radiation caused me to spend more time on a toilette than I want to, or that sometimes I hate that friends and family won’t baby me because I’m so “strong” and because I “kicked cancer’s butt.”


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