Who’s Complaining?

Now that I’ve established that this blog will mostly be my venting outlet, I thought it might be interesting to talk a little bit about who’s doing all the complaining:

I am 28 years old as of 2016. I graduated from law school in 2013 and started practicing law soon thereafter. In September 2014, during my first big vacation, I found out that I had cancer. Shocker. Immediately after the initial diagnosis, like within two days of it actually, I went under a surgery to remove tumor and to stage my cancer – stage III endometrioid adenocarcinoma. Yes, at age 26. WTF. So instead of returning to work as planned, I went through 6 rounds of chemo, 3 months of daily radiation. Battling cancer was definitely unpleasant but it was way less painful (physically) than expected (emotional drain is a whole another matter which I’ll address in coming posts). Thanks to my parents and boyfriend (“A”) , I got a clean scan in June 2015. With that, I attempted to return to my normal life. Unfortunately in December 2015, follow up PET/CT showed cancer in the two same stubborn little lymph nodes. I think I spent the week between Christmas 2015 and New Years 2016 mostly moping around.

Then began Chemo round 2. New drugs. New doctor. New year.

The day after America celebrated it’s 240th independence day, I celebrated the end of chemo.

A week after I was done with chemo, on July 11th, I hit the ground running, trying to catch up on life and work. Even though being back at work comes with its fair share of stress, I’ve been happy to be cancer-carefree for the past three weeks.

That’s my cancer journey on a nutshell. So there you have it – a bitchin’ 28 year old lawyer with cancer (:


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