Cancer Guilt

Recently I’ve been getting this awful feeling that people resent me because of my cancer. This feeling is especially hard to stomach because pre-cancer, I was very sure of myself and had infinite confidence. But now, I constantly feel guilty that I have cancer. I feel like: My employer/coworkers probably resent me for having cancer […]

Cancer in the workplace

Most cancer patients worry about the bigger things. Like contemplating death, searching for the true meaning of life, finding and doing what makes them truly happy. That is the natural reaction when anyone’s faced with something as daunting as cancer. But I, for some reason, couldn’t and still can’t seem to see the bigger picture […]

late night soapbox

My boyfriend of three years had the misfortune of spending two thirds of our relationship dealing with cancer along side me. He’s been supportive, encouraging, and wonderful…but like in any relationship, not every day has been all rainbows and rose petals. Since there are a million, no scratch that, a billion and one spectacular things […]

Judgment day is coming

Saturday (7/30) was my restaging PET/CT. Tomorrow – Monday – morning, I’ll be meeting with my oncologist to go over the scan and action plans going forward. My body feels fine and I generally have a lot more energy than a year ago when I was trying to get back into working after the first […]